Adopt coral today to help restore our coral reefs

Image Credit: Tim Campbell

Adopt coral today to help restore our coral reefs

Coral reefs are the most biodiverse ecosystem in the world, hosting a quarter of all known marine life.

Coral Maker is developing new technologies to scale coral reef restoration and make it possible to deploy climate adaptive intervention measures at an impactful scale.

You can adopt a research coral to support our ocean-based trials and help to accelerate the development of these solutions. 

Adopt coral as a gift. You get to name adopted coral colonies or coral bommies.


Adoption Tiers

Tier 1  $40 USD

Adopt a single coral fragment

The fragment will be seeded onto a base with other fragments to create a coral colony.

Fragment icon

Tier 2  $200 USD

Adopt a coral colony

Adopting a coral colony means you will be adopting 6 coral fragments that will eventually grow and join together to create a colony. You get to name the coral colony!

Tier 3  $500 USD

Adopt a coral bommie

With a coral bommie adoption, you are adopting 3 colonies of 3 different species, a total of 18 coral fragments. You get naming rights for all 3 colonies.

Coral Bombie icon

Adopting coral


You adopt a single coral, a coral colony or a coral bommie.


You will instantly receive a certificate with your coral’s ID number as well as your coral’s name if you purchased a whole colony or coral bommie.


We will use the funds to plant and monitor coral at our nursery site as part of our ongoing ocean trials.


We will send you updates via email on how your coral is going and the progress of the ocean trials after every field trip.

How adopting a coral can help coral reefs

01   You are adopting a research coral

We are conducting ocean trials to test and develop our solutions for scaled coral deployment. The Adopt Coral Program will fund our ongoing trials at the remote Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia. Your adoption will cover the cost of the coral’s propagation and deployment into the ocean, as well as two years of monitoring the coral’s growth post-deployment.

02   More Species

We are currently testing five species of coral. Each of these species have very different growth rates and responses to environmental stressors, as well as different reactions to being propagated. The Adopt Coral Program will help us expand the ocean trials to include more species and test for seasonal differences in growth.

There are 184 species of coral at the Abrolhos Islands!

03   Better Solutions

We are ocean-testing a range of products and solutions for ease of use underwater, cost effectiveness and scalability. Most importantly, the corals have to like them! The corals are loving the current prototype of the stone bases, and are rapidly growing to cover them in coral. But we think we can do even better. Your coral adoption will be used to expand our trials to include a range of aggregate mixes to optimise coral coverage rates as well as reducing the CO₂ footprint of the product materials.

We can’t restore the reef without you